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Professional sport requires tremendous focus, commitment and hard work practically 24/7 but it is one of the most rewarding careers anyone might have.


In the olden days sportsmen were not rewarded for their amazing efforts and often were amateurs. But now we live in the world where professional  sportsmen and sportswomen can earn living and reach fame. The world of global marketing has turned professional athletes into marketing powerhouses because people all over the world can relate to them. People can feel the athletes joy,  pain, victory or loss and get  inspired in their own lives.


For the athletes it is an amazing opportunity to be entertainers, motivators and role models while earning money for what they love to do the most.

How can we know that someone has what it takes to succeed in the professional sport?


Many people wish and try to be the best but only some ultimately succeed.


There are certain traits in an athlete which any coach, scout or anyone understanding sport looks for. Potential is very important in determining who has higher chance to succeed as an elite athlete.  The fame and wealth can only come to people which are smart, talented, passioned, committed, positive , work very hard and stay focused from the beginning through to the end of the time they put into their sport but also have Luck on their side when they need it.


That is where Four Pillars of Destiny provides the knowledge of the potential of an individual. Four Pillars of Destiny is a blueprint of someone's life including if they have the necessary traits to pursue and succeed in an elite sport. It indicates if they have the opportunity to earn their living as an elite sportsmen and also get wealth and fame. The birth chart shows the potential and the luck in their Cycles determines if they get the opportunity.


As a past professional tennis player and now a coach, I have gained a real understanding of the commitment and other aspects which are needed to get to the highest level in professional sport. This knowledge combined with the Four Pillars of Destiny research I have, and my colleagues have done, on charts of the best athletes and of the athletes I have come in contact with throughout my career, clearly indicate the necessary traits and Luck cycles required to achieve in the professional sport arena.



  • Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi) can greatly assist professional athletes and people involved in their careers. Some key applications are:
  • Athlete's Birth Chart analysis for an elite sport potential assessment including identifying character traits of the athlete
  • Choosing compatible people for the athlete's team
  • Help in setting schedules around the best days for the athlete when applicable (combat sports etc.)
  • Adjustment of the athletes environment when needed
  • Preferred colour of clothes for competitions
  • Understanding and predicting difficulties an athlete is going through
  • Using the knowledge to alter training schedules depending on athletes positive or negative days
  • Opponents scouting
  • Providing information about possible career paths after their retirement from professional sport and also categories of possible business investment opportunities
  • The possibilities of how to use the knowledge of someone's Four Pillars of Destiny chart in the sport can be tailored to the needs of an athlete or the organization seeking the knowledge.


Examples of elite sportsmen / sportswomen chart analysis can be found in articles.

Andrea Stoltenberg

Elite Star Consulting

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"



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