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Four Pillars of Destiny for Individuals:

We provide private consultation in which you will gain invaluable knowledge about your personal life path determined by destiny given to you at birth. Your potential, wealth, health, relationships, career, luck will be discussed and other important matters of concern. CONTACT US


Four Pillars of Destiny for Businesses:

Consultations for business owners or corporations are tailored to specific needs. They can include but are not limited to Four Pillars of Destiny reading for the owners, directors, employees, management, business partners, recruits as well as potential business partners, employees and etc. CONTACT US


Date Selection:

Date selection for important events, including weddings, meetings, parties, functions, official openings of business , moving dates, selling properties dates, renovations, signing of contracts etc. CONTACT US


Partnership compatibility using Four Pillars of Destiny:

Relationships between people, be it partners, business partners, friends etc. is assessed CONTACT US


Classical Feng Shui:

Classical Feng Shui consultations provide an assessment of the existing properties, including apartments, shops, factories, offices, land etc., with the goal of increasing the flow of positive Qi, creating harmony for occupants and increasing success. The consultation is provided at the location and includes Four Pillars of Destiny readings. CONTACT US


Four Pillars of Destiny Course and Lessons:

We provide individual and class lessons in Four Pillars of Destiny lessons.

For new to Four Pillars of Destiny or Feng Shui we provide Intensive Four Pillars of Destiny for Beginners course

This course is designed to prepare people for a number of Advanced courses provided an international author and teacher, Jerry King, and/or Advanced lessons for accurate reading of charts using the flow at Advanced lessons .


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