Four Pillars of Destiny

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The power of Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese Astrology) lies in the accurate revelation

of one's potential, personality, relationships and perhaps most importantly, revelation of  times

when opportunities for success will be present.


Four Pillars of Destiny reads one's life's flow with the knowledge of time and space for the

individual so they get a view of their life's path and can make the best decisions.

·         One can reach success, wealth or perhaps fame with preparation, hard work,

commitment and clear vision.  Our predispositions from birth are different while time and space

plays a major part in opportunities that come our way. Four Pillars of Destiny reveals our

 individual potential and times in our life when opportunities are at their peak and available. Then it is up us to use that knowledge to make the most of it, achieve our best. The difficult times are the ones we can also prepare for, react the best way, stay in control or protect what is most important to us.

·         Four Pillars of Destiny is a system which is based on the birth date of an individual. From the date and  time of birth it accesses our potential, personality, relationships, etc.,  basically our predispositions.

·         Secondly, Four Pillars of Destiny retrieves the life of each individual measured in time and space called Luck Cycles. It indicates persons environment and opportunities available to him in 5-10 year spans throughout their life.

·         Another information derived and considered are individual years which also play a major part in ones destiny, be it  favourably or not. Even individual months and days, hours, contribute to the set of circumstances called our life.

·         Every knowledge from the Four Pillars of Destiny chart can be used to see opportunities, solve problems,  prepare, understand people and so much more.

·         All this knowledge and more is used for Date selection for important events. Why not choose an auspicious day and increase our potential for success?

·         Going with the flow allows success, satisfaction and harmony.


Four Pillars of Destiny applications:

  • Life's path reading including personality, potential, wealth, career, relationships, health etc.

  • Relationship compatibility

  • Business partnership assessment

  • Date selection for any important events incl. weddings, engagements, business meetings, job interviews, signings of important documents, moving in dates etc.

  • Career path selection, including potential in career in an elite sport

  • and much more 


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Some comments:

"Andrea is known at our house as the "oracle".  She has completed charts for myself, husband and children and the insights that she has provided have been extraordinary.  Andrea has been able to provide personal and professional direction for us all with practical strategies for minimising difficulties along the way.  Whilst Andrea is clearly extremely competent in the technical requirements of creating individual charts, she also has the intuitive analytical skills to translate the information into a format that resonates with her subject.  Her warm and genuine approach combined with her enthusiasm and talent make the whole experience a joy.  I have had the pleasure of referring friends and family to Andrea and they have all been astounded by her skill.  Thank you Andrea, you know exactly what a difference that you have made to our lives!" Jo Coates


"Andrea has a wonderful intuitive approach to her consulting work which is generous, thorough and insightful. Andrea has been super helpful in assisting with choosing the right date for important events and for understanding why some things are easy at times and not at other times. Having the right date and time for maximum support energetically helps make everything effortless on the day and in the lead up and Andrea's priceless advice and support has played a big role in many of my successes of late." Gina Kennedy


Four Pillars is based on the five elements and Yin and Yang. The five elements are FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER and WOOD and their interaction determines our Cosmic Flow and destiny.


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