Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is ancient Chinese system to read the energetic  structure of a building and surrounding landform.  Such knowledge has many usages and it depends on the individual's needs and desires as to how Feng Shui consultant best improves the Feng Shui of the site.

Feng Shui Methods:

There are many Feng Shui methods, for example Flying Stars or Bazhai (8 Mansions) from the Compass School. The fitting approach to achieve best results  is selected  by the Feng Shui consultant.  However, Form Feng Shui  is always used in the analysis, as is Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese Astrology).  Other methods are also available and used depending on the questions and needs of the clients.


When to ask for Feng Shui consultant -  

When selecting the most suitable property, house, apartment, commercial building, shops etc.

When considering the most suitable land for domestic and commercial buildings

When renovating

When needing advise on building design

When needing to boost productivity and profits in commercial real estate

When remodelling

When selling and/or moving

And more

Feng Shui Remedies - 

Remedies are practical and unique to each property and clients. It can be an active and/or passive remedy however all advice is individual and tailored to each client. 


Feng Shui for existing buildings- 

Many situation and problems can be read by Feng Shui methods and improved by remedies in existing buildings.


Prior to building or buying a property - 

Since prevention is the best remedy, the best results are usually achieved when Feng Shui consultant is given the opportunity to be engaged in the selection of the most suitable land and/or consulted in the designing process about the location of the most important rooms in the new building.


Commitment of the client - 

Each client needs to be prepared to provide necessary documents and information,  for example floor plans and dates, required by the Feng Shui consultant.


Commitment of the Feng Shui consultant:

The Feng Shui consultant will thoroughly inspect the property and it's surroundings  and seek to understand needs and desires of the client.  Then he/she will provide sound advice and tailored remedies, if necessary, to comply with clients criteria at the time.


Pricing - 

Pricing for each Feng Shui assesment depends on the size of the poject and time involved


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Elite Star Consulting
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