Mr. Vladimir Putin - Russian President - Four Pillars of Destiny analysis

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Let's have a look at current issues in Mr Putin's chart which might be affecting the political situation in the region.

Author: Andrea Stoltenberg              Published: June 2014


Mr Vladimir Putin , born on 7th October 1952 in the Snake hour


putin natal chart


Luck Cycles


putin lc



Mr Putin is Yang Fire self born in Yin Earth Rooster month, in Yang Water Dragon year and the Day Branch is the Dog. The hour he was born in is said to be Yin Water Snake.  His Luck Cycle turned into Yang Fire Dragon at the age of 61.


The Self surrenders to leading flow of Metal. The reason for this is the Metal is very strong and in full season.  Rooster, in the Month branch, is the Cardinal of Metal and it is in the Six combination with Dragon.  On top of that the Hour branch, Snake, is also trying to create Metal combination  with the Rooster.  The Dog is right next to the Rooster and is also ready to create Full Directional combination with it if monkey arrives. Regardless how we look at it the flow of Wealth (Metal) is prominent.  The Stems are also keeping the Self Yang Fire in the feeble state, they only contain Yin Earth, his Output, and Water, his Power elements.


All qualities of favorable Hurting Officer and 7 Killings with the strong Wealth flow are on display from him.  How perfect for Mr Putin not having to compete for glory and wealth with any Rivals (Fire) in the Stems.  In branches the Fire in Dog and Snake is buried in Hidden elements most of the time. He has held the power in Russia for a long time. He won the presidential election in 2000, in very favorable Yang Metal Dragon year, and won the presidential election for the 2nd time in 2012, which was once again a Dragon year this time with Yang Water Stem.


However,  for the present time analysis,  let's recall the Luck Cycle he just entered, it is Yang Fire. And 2014 year is, Yang Wood Horse. The Yang Fire from the Luck Cycle is heavily reinforced from the Fire Cardinal Horse and the Yang Wood is combining away his precious Yin Earth in the Month Stem.  Strong Rivals and no valuable Hurting Officer this year for him, and the first 2 months of the year were unfavorable Yang Fire Tiger and Yin Fire Rabbit.  From his complete BaZi chart we can clearly see his current predicament and understand subsequent reactions and actions that have been taken under its influence.

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