Novak Djokovic in 2014 - prediction using Bazi analysis

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He is former #1 player in the world (in 2011) with 6 Grand Slams titles and one of the most successful players in the history of tennis. Is he going to get the desired positive energy in 2014 to get the chance to re-claim #1 tennis ranking and more Grand Slam titles?


Author: Andrea Stoltenberg  

Published:  2nd January 2014

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Novak Djokovic was born on 22nd May, 1987 in the Hourse hour


Djokovic is Yin Metal self born at the beginning of Fire season in the month of Yin Wood Snake. Wood represents his Wealth element and Fire his Power element. How fortunate for him to have the rest of the elements in his Birth chart either containing wood or fire. The Chart has wood cardinal Rabbit which is trying to form the half Three Harmony combination with the Goat. Fire element has the fire cardinal Horse in the Hour which is also combining with the Goat and Snake in the fire Directional combination. Both Yin and Yang Wood in the Stems are rooted in branches as, is the Yin Fire.


This is in no doubt an exceptional Surrender to Wealth and Power chart. It has pure cosmic flow reinforced by branch combinations. In addition, the Yin Metal self is the Guard; the Horse is the Guardian; the Goat is the Talent Resource Star and the 7 Killings is in the Year Stem. He was destined to be famous and wealthy person and the additional Rabbit in his last Luck Cycle allowed him to reach it. He became number 1 in the world in 2011 (Yin Metal Rabbit year) and is the 3rd all-time leader in earnings. His chart's and the Luck Cycle's cosmic flow has provided and kept him on this privileged path. But of course, very hard work had to be done by him from a very young age, as well as incredible determination to succeed and to win, and importantly having the right people helping him on the way.


After not winning French Open, Wimbledon, and especially the 2013 US Open in September 2013 in the Yin Water Snake year and the Yin Metal Rooster month, his determination to succeed increased. Not only he went to win the Masters in November but came to it undefeated since the US Open final. The Dog and Pig months certainly helped him in that quest. Regardless of his achievements of late he felt he needed to improve 2% or 5% to win more Grand Slams and reclaim the #1 spot in rankings. His professionalism is already on the highest level so, in no doubt being influenced by the current trend of top tennis players getting help from former great players, he decided to add to his team Boris Becker. Becker is retired former #1 tennis player, having won 6 Grand Slams (the first one at age of 17!).


2014 is Yang Wood Horse year.  Both energies enhance his cosmic flow of wood and fire however the Horse will be wanting to team up with the Goat and Snake to form the Fire Directional Combination, in which case it needs to fight the Horse in the Hour branch. The energies of the Year are the same as the Hour Pillar but Djokovic is a young man and the annual Yang Wood Horse will have more influence than the one in the hour. Fight to combine is never a good thing in Four Pillars of Destiny charts but luckily with this one his cosmic flow is staying intact.


The interesting thing is that what the year is bringing quite reflects the set up of Djokovic camp at the start of his 2014 campaign. Becker is an addition to his team. He was in no doubt hired for his influence and expertise, to add the desired 2-5% improvement in his game. Becker is going to work alongside the current long time coach, Marian Vajda. Vajda was a great player himself and has been his coach during his career successes. The goal for Djokovic now would be to gain extra knowledge from Becker's experience and mentality in ways of dealing with and winning in pressured unusual situations which occur in Grand Slam finals. Sounds very much like abilities of  7 Killings which will come handy for Djokovic.


In the game of tennis, having the ability to make quick decisions, thinking out of the box and staying focused is crucial and 2014 is certainly adding more of those to his bags of tricks. My opinion is that as long as the team Djokovic stays in harmony throughout the year, he will get every chance to reach his goals.




Novak Djokovic won Wimbledon on 6th July 2014, his first Grand Slam win since Australian Open in January 2013, and became #1 in the world on 7th July 2014.

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has become the first player to win three straight season finale titles since Ivan Lendl from 1985-87. In doing so and winning ATP Masters in November 2014, he retained his #1 world ranking for the end of the year ATP World Ranking standings. 




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