Bob Beamon at 1968 Mexico Olympics - Four Pillars analysis

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Many of you might recall his absolutely incredible world record long jump of 8.90m at the Mexico Olympic Games in 1968 which put him in record books forever . Bob's jump was 55cm longer than a previous world record and his record was not surpassed until Carl Lewis jumped 8.91m in 1991.

This Four Pillars analysis looks at Beamon's chart and the day he created history. How could this man be so incredible on this particular day at his first Olympic games?  His career started but perhaps also finished by this jump, as he was never able to jump close to that length afterwards.


Bob Beamon was born on August 29th 1946


Birth Chart

bob beamon nc


Luck Cycles

bob beamon lc



He is Yin Wood self born in a month of Yin Fire Rooster. The year he was born was the Yang Fire Dog. The Day Branch is the Pig. His chart is a feeble self, having favourable Power (Metal),especially the Rooster,  and the Wealth (Earth) also favourable. Issues for him can arise when more Fire comes since it will try to burn the Metal in the absence of earth in Stems. Unfavorable is also the Pig which luckily is alone in the chart. The Pig is not in any Wood, or Water, combination and is not strengthening  the self enough for the Yin Wood self to lose it's feeble status.


A prominent feature of Beamon's chart is the 'Three Wondrous Formation'  yin wood, yin fire, yang fire  (*)  which is very auspicious and rare. His Day Pillar is the 'Clever Self' day pillar yin wood water pig (*) , another advantage which carries a potential for fame.


The Rooster is very important part of the chart and flow, however it is voided and in a sense is sitting dormant until it gets strength from being in a Metal Combination. The Rooster sits in the Parents Palace which is the Month Pillar and that Pillar is in conflict. The Yin Fire Stem is melting the Yin Metal hidden in the Rooster.  Beamon's father abused his mother and she died when he was 8 months old. We can also see that the Water representing mother in his chart is in conflict with the Fire and on top of that Beamon has no affinity with his parents.


Bob was discovered by renowned track coach Larry Ellis while in High school, which was during his Yin Earth Luck Cycle. The Yin Earth bridged all the Fire and Metal energies of his chart and injected the Wealth element in to his chart. Now he has a smooth cosmic flow from Fire to Earth to Metal.


In 1965 (Yin Wood Snake year) Beamon received a track and field scholarship to the University of Texas at El de Paso due to ranking second in long jump in America that year. All this was due to positive combination  of the Snake with the Rooster and enhancing and activating the Metal within Rooster. However the year also presented him with challenges caused by unfavorable Yin Wood, his Rivals, which was supported by the Pig in his chart. The unrest  in his chart made him to rebel against the University of Texas when he refused to compete against Brigham Young University. As a concequence of his actions against the University, he got  suspended and left without a coach. Fortunately, Ralf Bolton, 1960 Olympic Gold medallist in the long jump ( who has has an 'Intelligent Self'* Day Pillar in his natal chart), started to coach him privately. Together they prepared for the 1968 Olympics.


The long jump competition at the Mexico Olympics was held on 18th October 1968


1968 mexico olympics


1968 was the year of the Yang Earth Monkey. All favourable energies. The Yang Earth was the positive Direct Wealth and the Monkey joined his Rooster and Dog to complete the Metal Directional Combination in Branches. The day turned out to be Yin Metal Rooster and the month was also Yin Metal Rooster which is his flow and no longer dormant thanks to the Combination. Amazingly on that day, he found himself competing at the biggest and the most famous competition in the world!


The potential for fame and recognition provided by the 7 Killings flow and his Woundrous Pattern, was all there for him on that particular day. Beamon was able to use it to reach the ultimate success in his sport and also making sure his name is forever remembered!



* Resources:

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1968 Mexico Olympic Games
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