2012 AFL Grand Final - Destiny Prediction

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Applying Four Pillars of Destiny for prediction of the outcome of the 2012 AFL Grand Final between Sydney Swans and Hawthorn Hawks, which is going to be played on 29th September 2012 at 3 pm

Author: Andrea Stoltenberg

Published: 28th September 2012


2012 AFL Grand Final on 29th September 2012  

2012 grand final

The day is a yin water day with strong metal and water energies.


For the prediction of the winning team I will analyse Four Pillars of Destiny charts of coaches and 3 key players from each team and see if the possibility of winning for one team is higher.




John Longmire born 31 Dec 1970


Yin wood self with strong Earth and Metal flow. Fire, as an output, is ok because of the protection of the earth solidifying the flow of earth and metal.



Josh Kennedy  born 20 June 1988


 Overly strong Yang Fire self . Earth, Metal and Water are all favorable.  His chart also contains Talent pillar, cycle pattern  and guard , and he is in the favorable scholar Water luck cycle at the moment.


Adam Goodes born Jan 8, 1980


 Adam is a Yang metal self following the water flow as output and benefiting from the seven killings in the Yang fire in the month. He is currently in water luck cycle. The day pillar is a commanding pillar.


Ted Richards born January 11, 1983


Yin Earth self surrendering to the flow of water. Metal and wood are also favorable. He is currently in his wood luck cycle. Ted has two Guards and a Guardian star in his Natal chart.


Swans summary:

The day for Swans coach is promising. John Longmire likes metal which there is plenty of in the month and the hour (time of the match) is all metal as well. There are no clashes or elements impeding the flow of his favourable elements. The 3 key players, Kennedy, Goodes, and Richards will enjoy all the qualities of the metal and water of the day.  Goodes might be having minor issues with the Rooster because it is after all, a rival to his self element, but since he is competing, he is in the perfect environment. Only one clash will be happening and that is with Richards, but such a clash does not impede his flow.




 Coach :

Alistair Clarkson born April 27, 1968


 Strong Yin Fire self element benefiting from Earth and Metal and Water. He is currently in the Yang water luck cycle.



 Lance Franklin born  Jan 30, 1987


Yin Earth self following water and wood  energies.  Currently in full directional wood LC.


Sam Mitchel born Oct 12, 1982


 Yang Earth self element surrendering to flow of metal and water. Currently in a water luck cycle represented by the Rat; in this case, the Rat combines with his Dragon day branch to form a half-water trio. His day pillar is a Commanding pillar.


Cyril Rioli born July 14, 1989


Yin Wood self, with favourable elements in earth and metal. He is currently in his favourable earth luck cycle.


Hawks summary:


The day for Hawks coach is quite unique because of the multiple stem combinations between his chart, the luck cycles, and his heavenly stems. There is also a clash in branches but overall, the energy is positive because Alistair Clarkson likes water and metal. Lance Franklin has an undesirable clash on the day of the match between the Rooster and the Rabbit. Cyril Rioli should not be negatively affected by the metal energy on the day but unfortunately, Rioli will experience a clash between the day of the Snake and his day branch, the Pig. Sam Mitchel on the other hand will enjoy all the energy of the day without any clashes.





Obviously there are many more players which will have an influence on the outcome of the game but the coach is one of the more influential person on the team on the day. The 3 players selected here for analysis are the ones which will lead their respective teams in the finals. From the Four Pillars of Destiny chart analysis, I believe the energy of the day and also of the hour are more favourable for the Sydney Swans team and the energy will put them on top of the AFL 2012 Premiership.




2008 AFL Grand Final:

Last time Hawthorns coach, A. Clarkson, won the AFL premiership in 2008, the energies of the day (27th September 2008) were in some way similar to this year, Water and Metal, but much stronger, and also contained the Horse, a fire cardinal. Contrary to the 2012 AFL Grand Final,  the day when the 2008 AFL Grand Final was played, was quite unfavorable for the oppositions coach , Geelongs coach Mark Thomson. That fact would have played a major part in Hawthorn's victory that year.


2008 AFL Grand Final on 27th September 2008

 2008 grand final


Coach of Geelong, Mark Thomson born  November 19, 1963


 An exceptional chart . Yang Fire self surrendering to the flow of water and wood. Unfavorable elements for him are Fire, Earth and Metal. 



Sydney beat Hawthorn 91: 81




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