Andy Roddick's chart analysis

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Andy Roddick is an American professional tennis player and a former World No 1. This Four Pillars of Destiny analysis reveals a reasons for his recent struggles with form and injuries.

Andy Roddick's Four Pillars of Destiny Analysis



Author: Andrea Stoltenberg

Published on 5th April 2012


Born 30th August 1982


andy roddicks chart 

 Luck Cycles


andy roddicks lc 

 He is Yin Wood self born in a Monkey month. Rooster is right below him in the day branch and the Dog in the year branch completes Metal directional combination. Because of this full Metal directional combination and the fact that the sole Yin Wood self was born in the Metal season he is a totally feeble self surrendering to Killings. The Yang Earth in the month stem can support the Metal flow but more importantly prevents Water, like the Yang Water in Year stem, and also the hidden Yang Water in the Monkey, feeding the self. The self Yin Wood can safely continue to be feeble. He can receive many entitlements including fame and wealth, as long as the Luck cycles and individual years support the Metal flow.


Metal and Earth are his favorable elements, while Water, Wood and Yin Fire are harmful to his flow. Yang Fire warms up his chart and is beneficial.


His Luck cycles have been all supporting to his flow up to the start of the Pig cycle in 2010 because all contained Metal. The Dog cycle still contained Metal and combined with the Rooster and Monkey, to form a Metal directional combination. All of this good luck coming his way meant that he had a great opportunity to reach success and fame.


Looking at the history of his achievements it is clear he did take advantage of his great cosmic flow:


He was a very successful junior tennis player, becoming Number 1 Junior in the World in 2000 (Yang Metal Dragon). With the help of his extremely competitive nature, Roddick was able to successfully transfer his big serving game onto the professional ATP Tour.


In the Dog cycle, in 2003 (Yin Water Goat), he won US Open Championship. Winning a Grand Slam and making Semi-finals at the Australian Open gave him enough ATP Tour Rankings points to become World Number 1 that year.


Roddick's amazing results continued throughout this cycle and during the Yin Metal one, from 2005. He made the Finals of Wimbledon in 2004 (Yang Wood Monkey), 2005 (Yin Wood Rooster) and in 2009 (Yin Earth Ox). All those years were supporting the metal flow in branches.


A nice advantage of Roddick's chart is that the Dog contains wealth in its hidden elements while it is a part of the Metal combination and his flow. One can say that his wealth is already there for everyone to see in his Yang Earth and that is absolutely right. However it is also because of the wealth in the Dog's hidden elements which is securely tied up with his Metal flow that he has accumulated a large wealth.


Life has become harder for him as soon as the Pig cycle arrived in 2010. The hidden Yang Water and Yang Wood inside the Pig are empowering his Wood self and he is no longer a totally feeble self.  In this state, encountering any additional Wood or Water is certainly disastrous for him. Injuries would be the first concern for elite athletes.


The damaging properties of the Water element showed up in 2007 (Yin Fire Pig), when he had a hamstring injury, and in 2008 (Yang Earth Rat) a shoulder injury forced him to pull out of the French Open.


So when the more powerful Pig Luck Cycle arrived in 2010, the list of his injuries and illnesses started to pile up. The Pig and the Tiger of 2010 wanted to combine into Wood and the fight in branches between Metal and Wood became fierce. He was diagnosed with mononucleosis that year and suffered a groin injury which forced him to retire during the 2010 Shanghai
Rolex Masters.


2011 (Yin Metal Rabbit) was again damaging due to the combination of the Pig and the Wood cardinal, Rabbit. Roddick had to withdraw from the French Open due to shoulder injury he sustained couple of weeks before in the Masters tournament in Rome.


He was not able to finish the Australian Open 2012 when once again a hamstring problem re-occurred.


In a summary, Andy Roddick has a special chart and was very fortunate to encounter a long streak of good Luck. He worked very hard to reach fame and wealth as an elite athlete.

Due to the negative change of his Luck Cycles in 2010, it has become much more difficult for him to achieve great results on the ATP Tour since then. He only reached one Grand Slam Quarterfinals or better, since the Australian Open in January 2010.


Here is a part of Roddick's interview from January 19, 2012 after he retired from his match at the Australian Open:

Q.  Injuries are something you can't control.  Are you feeling a little snake bitten from the last couple years?

ANDY RODDICKIt's frustrating.  It's discouraging.  You know, your sensible mind says to have a sense of perspective.  You still have it pretty good.

The competitor in you feels terrible and wants to break stuff.  I can't really complain.  I had 10 years pretty much of a clean slate.  That's a lot more than most people get.  The last, you know, two years has been pretty tough. It's tough physically.  It's as tough mentally, though.  It's hard.

Q.  Injuries like what you might have makes you think about your career in the context of where you might be at.  Are you having those thoughts?

ANDY RODDICK:  I don't think it's coincidental that all of a sudden in the last year and a half or two years that I'm getting hurt more.  It's just frustrating because you can do all the right things and it might not matter.  I got treatment pretty much every single day during the offseason.

So, yeah, yes.

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Andy Roddick retired from professional tennis circuit on 30th August 2012 

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