Cadel Evans's Destiny Analysis

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Cadel Evans is an Australian cyclist and the winner of 2011 Tour de France. Is his destiny as favorable in 2012?

Cadel Evans

Author: Andrea Stoltenberg

Published : 29th June 2012


Born on February 14, 1977

Birth Chart






N/A yang water yin metal yin fire
  Yang Water Yin Metal Yin Fire
N/A wood tiger earth ox fire snake
  Tiger Ox Snake


Luck Cycles






yang fire yin fire yang earth yin earth yang metal
Yang Fire Yin Fire Yang Earth Yin Earth Yang Metal
metal monkey metal rooster earth dog water pig water rat
Monkey Rooster Dog Pig Rat


Evans's Self element is Yang Water , and he was born in the Yin Metal Ox month. His Self element Yang Water sits on the Tiger , and the Year Pillar is Yin Fire Snake. Unfortunately, we do not have his hour , but since he is in his mid thirties, the cosmic influence of the Hour is still weak and not as prominent on his career at this point of time.


The chart wants to surrender to output with the Tiger as his Useful God, and attain wealth and fame embodied in the Yin Fire. It is not without some difficulties due to presence of the Yin Metal right next to him in the Month Stem and the half Harmonious combination between the Ox and Snake. He is extremely fortunate in having the Tiger in the most secure place, the Day Branch. It has all his favorable elements in its Hidden Stems; Yang Wood, Yang Fire and Yang Earth. The Yin Fire is supported from the Yang Fire in the Snake and Tiger and keeps a check on the Yin Metal .


Wood and Fire improve his chart , and he can attain success and distinction. When his chart encounters Water, Metal or Wet Earth, he finds himself in difficulties.


He is highly motivated, determined and passionate due to the Tiger in the Day branch and Yin Fire there from the start, in the Year Stem. His wife has been providing a significant support to him every step of the way during his long career in cycling, and is presented in the Tiger. The Tiger is also his Scholar Star. An up side of the Direct resources is his discipline and logical thinking.


Cycling is an extremely demanding sport and difficult one to stay at an elite level for a long period of time. Evans, at 35, is a veteran , and we can see from his Birth Chart and Luck cycles how he has been able to sustain his longevity in this gruelling sport.


When he ends up in a good Luck Cycle or a Year, there are no other obstacles for him because he does not have Rivals (Water) in his chart. When strong Water (Rivals) or
additional Metal arrives as Resources, it becomes difficult for him to achieve his goals , and in some cases he can find himself in a life threatening situations.


Evans started his Luck Cycles at the age of 3 with difficult Yang Metal, followed by a strong Rat Cycle. It was during this unfavorable time at the age of 8 when he had a serious bike accident, fracturing his skull. His head had to be fitted with a metal plate , and he spent a week in a coma. Luckily, he never gave up cycling and continued to ride and even race on mountain bikes.


His career in cycling turned for better, when at the age of 18, he entered the Pig LC. The
Pig combined with the Tiger and formed Wood(output), while feeding the Fire. In 1995, which was also a favorable year of Yin Wood Pig, he became a Junior World Champion. His success continued in this LC with World Cup victories in favorable years, 1998 (Yang Earth Tiger) and 1999(Yin Earth Rabbit).


His LC changed into Yang Earth from 2000 , and he decided to switch from the mountain bike racing to road cycling. However, in this particular Luck Cycle the years were not favorable to him.


His successful career in road cycling started in 2006 (Yang Fire Dog) when he was
in the Dog Luck Cycle . The Dog created a half Fire combination with the Tiger. He won UCI Pro Tour and was a runner up in the Tour de France in 2007 (Yin Fire Pig) and became UCI Road World Champion in 2009 (Yin Earth Ox).


An example of another negative impact of Water came in the year of Rat (2008) when he
ruptured an anterior cruciate ligament and followed by (for him) disappointing 2008 Beijing Olympics campaign.


The biggest success for Cadel Evans came at the age of 34. In 2011 many of his favorable cosmic energies lined up for him and enhanced his charts cosmic flow.

He won the most prestigious award in the cycling world by winning the 2011 Tour de France on 24th July 2011. The day he actually won the race was 23rd of July which was a Rabbit day and a Yin Wood Goat month in the year of the Rabbit while in the Yin Fire Luck Cycle. The Yin Wood Goat month considerably helped the wood flow when it combined with one of Rabbits and with the help of the additional Rabbit and the Tiger feeding the strong Fire in his Birth Chart and in LC. The Rabbit is also his Scholar Star which also explains his outstanding achievement.


At the moment, he is getting ready for the attempt to recreate his spectacular victory at the 2012 Tour De France. He is still in the Yin Fire LC however this year is not as favorable for him. The Yang Water Dragon is, unfortunately, bringing rivals which are taking away the Yin Fire LC he got used to having since 2010.


2012 so far, has not been a highly successful year for him. However, luckily for him Tour de
France and 2012 Olympic Games in London, are hosted during Yang Fire Horse and Yin Fire Goat months.


Since cosmic influences change all the time, it is difficult for athletes to replicate success exactly the same way as before. Cadel is aware of this which is evident from some of his comments in the Herald Sun article on 29th June 2012:

 "I live in the same house, I hope I have the same life style, I have the same attitude to my training. Not a lot in my life has changed - everything around me changes, which sometimes makes it hard to not change yourself."




Cadel Evans finished 7th in overall standings at 2012 Tour de France

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