Kevin Rudd's political fall and comeback - Four Pillars of Destiny analysis

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Australian politics of late has been all about the leading Labour party. Current Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister of Australia in 2007, however, he was overthrown by Ms Julia Gillard towards the end of his first term and just prior to his re-election due date in 2010. Despite this setback he refused to exit politics and 3 years later, in June 2013, he successfully challenged Julia Gillard to reclaim the position of PM of Australia once again. He had overthrown Julia Gillard in the exact same fashion as she has done to him just 3 years prior.


The below Four Pillars of Destiny analysis of Mr Rudd and the important dates, will give us an insight in to why this story has unfolded in the way that it has. The Natal Chart of Ms Julia Gillard is also below and at times I will include a comment on her. Mainly however, I would like to focus on Mr Rudd's Destiny in this article as it is most interesting and relevant considering his current position and all that has happened.

Kevin Rudd was born on 21st September 1957

rudd natal chart

Luck Cycles

rudd lc

Kevin Rudd is a Yang Fire self-born in the month of the Rooster. The Yin Fire Rooster is the year he was born and the Day Branch in his chart is the Monkey. Branches of the Natal Chart are made up of two Metal cardinals (Roosters), plus additional Metal is hidden in the Monkey.  The Yin Fire (Rob Wealth) is in the Year Stem sitting on top of one of his Wealth stars which at times gives his opponents an opportunity to take what he feels is rightfully his. This setting in his Natal Chart is unfortunate however it gives him his very competitive edge, a "losing is not an option" attitude. Luckily, the Yin Earth in the Month Stem is able to weaken the Yin Fire and at the same time assure that the Yang Self reaches all available Wealth in the Month and Day Branches.  His  opportunity for leadership arrives at times when a combination in the Branches is present.


Due to the presence of Rob Wealth in his chart he needs to be aware of the danger of seeing additional Metal, especially in the Stems, as well as any Fire energy. In addition to unfavorable elements, Wood will strengthen the Self and the Rob Wealth at the same time, while its presence would also create a fight with Metal. Earth, especially Wet Earth such as Yin Earth, Ox and Dragon, are the most favorable elements while Water controls Yin Fire and protects Metal.


The result of his Chart's set up shows in his character. He is extremely ambitious, competitive and clearly persistent to excel and to reach fame. The Hurting Officer allows him to adjust to any situation to reach success and his goals, which are derived from all the Metal in the Branches. He is hard on the people working for him and is also known to explode in anger at times.  Again the Hurting Officer plays a major part in his ability to tailor his presentation to any audience while keeping anything he does not want to share, to himself. He projects that he is open to discussion and agreeable but rarely changes his mind. Politics is very much a suitable career, one in which he clearly takes advantage of being able to 'deal' with people.


Rudd's intelligence is due to his flow and a Scholar Star Monkey as well as by having two Roosters as his Guardians.  Rudd studied at the Australian National University in Canberra and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies) with First-Class Honours. He majored in Chinese language and Chinese History and became proficient in Mandarin.


His political success came about in the very favorable Dragon Luck Cycle from the age of 49 in 2006. He became the Prime Minister of Australia for the first time. Unfortunately some years in this cycle were not favorable for him and in affect some of his policies were not received well. For example, his new immigration policies in 2008. When he was about to go into his re election campaign in 2010, while all polls were indicating that the opposition party had a distinct advantage, Julia Gillard out posted him. 2010 was a Yang Metal Tiger year. The Yang Metal is the Indirect Wealth for him and not desirable when exposed in Stems. Criticism of the Labour party and Rudd's policies increased. The Tiger, with its hidden Yang Fire and Yang Wood, increased support for the Rob Wealth whilst doing its best to disrupt the Earthly Branches. With such increased danger for him, along with all the dominating negative energies of Wood and Fire in the first half of the year, he was highly disadvantaged when Julia Gillard announced she would be challenging him for the leadership in  June 2010. Rudd decided to resign and Gillard took over as the new (and first female) PM of Australia. As I mentioned earlier, he is a very competitive man and of course he did not just lie down. Energies became more favorable for him in the second part of that year and he received the post of Minister of Foreigner Affairs within the Labour Cabinet.


The shift into the Yin Water Luck Cycle surely prompted him to contemplate his next move. The Yin Water gave him an opportunity to weaken and overcome his Rival in the Year Stem as well as bringing the potential for power and fame. In the meantime Gillard was very much struggling with the Wood energy in 2011 (Yin Metal Rabbit year). For example, she only had 27% of public support in June 2011 polls. On the other hand Rudd was able to ride out the negative Wood energy more comfortably whilst he was not in the spot light. When 2012 (Yang\ Water Dragon year) rolled around Rudd would have sensed his opportunity to challenge. The Yang Water removed the Yin Fire in Stems and the Dragon combined with the Rooster, a familiar scenario for him. Rudd then resigned from his Ministry of Foreigner Affairs post, which allowed him to challenge Gillard, however, he did not gain enough support within the Labour party yet and lost.


When Gillard announced the next election date for September 2013 she was already on slippery political ground since the polls where again favouring the opposition party. Once again an opportunity for Rudd presented itself due to the favorable year of the Yin Water Snake. The Snake is combining in the Branches with one of his Roosters and the addition of the Yin Water is bringing further focus towards power and fame while any Rivals (in his case Gillard) are weakened. The precedent of overtaking a PM had been set before and Rudd challenged Gillard on the Yin Water Pig day. This time he had enough support within the Labour Party to take over the role of PM of Australia once again while the Yin Water severely damaged Gillard's chart. To further add, Gillard is close to entering a damaging Luck Pillar of the Yin Water Rabbit.


A popular saying goes 'Behind every great (successful) man is a great woman' so as a matter of interest, I would like to have a brief look at the Natal chart of Mr Rudd's wife,

Theresa Reid, born on 17th July 1958.


theresa reid natal chart


Ms Reid's chart is a Yin Wood self-surrendering to Earth, her Wealth element. She is a very wealthy and successful businesswoman, which matches her charts potential. There is no mystery as to why Mr Rudd has her by his side, as he really likes all the Earth in her chart, especially the Yin Earth. The Dog in her Year Branch completes a full Metal Directional Combination with his Rooster and Monkey in the Branches. In addition to that, her Wealth supports him energetically, which amplifies his ambitions and successes.

Julia Gillard was born on 29th September 1961

gillard natal chart

Luck Cycles

gillard lc

Julia Gillard's chart is greatly covered by Jerry King in his book "Four Pillars of Destiny: Potential, Career, and Wealth".

Written by Andrea Stoltenberg

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