Testimonials - Four Pillars of Destiny Beginners course

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The Four Pillars of Destiny Beginner Course taught by Andrea, was extremely insightful and interesting to learn! The content of the course was presented in a very "learner friendly" way, with helpful course materials that contributed to the ease of learning each aspect involved. Andrea always kept the course interesting, with multiple examples along the way to highlight each new step. Without a doubt it greatly contributed to my learning experience to be taught by Andrea who made sure I understood each new step, and was happy to answer as many questions as I had!

On the completion of the course I was excited to have the ability to do the birth charts and luck cycles of my friends, family and celebrities! I'd definitely recommend The Four Pillars of Destiny Beginner Course, I couldn't speak more highly of Andrea, an extremely knowledgeable teacher who always kept the course fascinating to learn, and always had me looking forward to our next lesson!
Thanks Andrea!

Jenni Blundell


The beginners Four Pillars of Destiny course is one that I personally found both intriguing and engaging. For someone who had never before heard of Feng Shui, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the subject material was both interesting and easy to understand and get the hang of.

Andrea provides an excellent learning atmosphere for all her students, and carefully explains each detail of the coursework to ensure everyone is at the same learning pace. The environment is both friendly and inviting, as well as relaxed, which allows for an easy space to learn new material in. Starting from the very beginning, this course will end with the student capable of completing birth charts, as well as interpreting them.

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Feng Shui, or to anyone who would like to revise on previously gathered knowledge.

Dannielle Stamatakis

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