Melbourne Cup 2012 - Four Pillars of Destiny analysis

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The winner of the race that "stops the nation" was Green Moon with jockey Brett Pebble in the saddle.

Every year, the Melbourne Cup is the pinnacle of the Australian horse racing. It is a gruelling 3,200 meter (2 miles) race for three-year-olds and over,  the richest  "two-mile" handicap in the world, and one of the richest turf races.  The start is at 3 pm the first Tuesday in
November at Flemington, Melbourne.  For Melbournians, it is a nice opportunity to be entertained while they get a holiday and the rest of Australia stops to watch it at 3pm each year.


This year the field was one of the toughest ones. Many past Melbourne
Cup champions were in the field as well as many other champions from recent races.


This analysis is looking at the Four Pillars of Destiny of the jockey, Brett
Prebble, and the day of the race.


Brett Prebble was born on 23rd September 1977 in Melbourne, Australia


prebble nc


Luck Cycles


prebble lc


Brett is Yin Water self sitting on Goat while the Month pillar is Yin Earth Rooster and the Year Pillar is Yin Fire Snake. We can see in his Natal Chart, that the Rooster's metal energy is particularly strong. The Rooster is in a half Three Harmony combination with the Snake and also gets more support from the Heavenly Month stem, Yin Earth. Rooster can also receive some support from the hidden Yin Earth. The Natal chart's flow is undoubtedly metal while the Yin Water self benefits from all the entitlements of resources. The disadvantage of the chart is in the Yin Fire. Luckily the Yin Earth has no problem with absorbing Fire.


His Day Pillar is a "Talent Pillar". His committed approach is due to the Wealth in Stems. He is capable of using chaos and pressure to his advantage because the 7 Killings (Yin Earth) is one of his useful elements.


The best setting for Brett would be if Yang Water appeared either in the Luck Cycle or as an annual energy, in which case it would be combined away. How can it be beneficial to remove one's wealth from the chart especially by a Rob Wealth God, one might ask? The reason is that Prebble's real wealth lies in his cosmic flow, which is the Metal and the damp Earth which feeds it. The Yin Water self receives all benefits of the cosmic flow of these resources. The Yin Fire in the Year Stem is trying to burn it while also trying to stop the Snake, in the same pillar, to combine with the Rooster. It is also a regular temptation for any Rivals. Yin Fire taken away ensures a feeble self with clear cosmic flow.


Looking at the Luck Cycles, Brett just entered a Yin Wood cycle. It is providing his expression (output) as Eating God, and a shot at fame under the right circumstances. Yang Wood is not helpful because it combines-away favorable Yin Earth.


The previous Luck Cycle of Yang Fire Horse was an amusing one. The Yang Fire did not affect the Metal in the chart, but it represented more wealth as well as more competition in his career. The Horse had the pleasure to combine with the Goat and Snake and form a full Fire (Wealth) Directional combination. The Rooster would not have been particularly happy about giving up his friend, the Snake. A fight to combine would have occurred at that time. Thankfully the Yin Earth in the Month Stem acted as a bridge between those two energies. In 2002, he received a highly sought after contract to ride in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Jockey Club. However, his success at the Club only started in 2009 (Yin Earth Ox), when the wet Earth year supported the metal flow. 


The Four Pillars of Destiny chart of the Melbourne Cup 2012 day:


6th November 2012 at 3pm ( Daylight Saving time applies)


melbourne cup 2012


The most influential beneficial factor for Brett was the year, 2012 Yang Water Dragon. The Yang Water combined-away the Yin Fire, and the Dragon fed the metal flow. It also directly combined with the Rooster and made it stronger. The Yang Metal month of November, as well as the Yin Metal day, were favorable for Brett. The Dog had Yin Metal hidden in branches, and both Dog and Goat contain Earth, even though it was not easy for the hot Earth to support the Metal. However, the clash between the Dog and Dragon made it easier because it stirred up the Earth energy. The hour provided additional output in Stems, which translated into fame.


As we can see from above, for Brett Prebble, the Melbourne Cup fell on a favorable day in extremely favourable year. It meant that he was able to win the biggest Australian horse race on obviously an excellent horse. Green Moon was not one of the favorites for this race.


Melbourne Cup at Flemington, Melbourne, Australia
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