2012 Venezuelan Presidential Election- Four Pillars of Destiny Analysis

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Using Four Pillars analysis for the much anticipated Venezuelan presidential election which is going to be held on 7th October 2012. The candidates are:  current Venezuelan president Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías and Henrique Capriles Radonski.

2012 Venezuelan Presidential election -  Four Pillars of Destiny Analysis


Author: Andrea Stoltenberg

Written: 6th October 2012



Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías

Born on 28th July 1954 in Sabaneta , Venezuela


chavez nc

Luck Cycles

chavez corrected 2 lc


President Chávez is Yin Wood self born in the month of Goat. His Earthly Day Branch Rooster is enhancing strength of the Yin metal, 7 Killings, in the Monthly Heavenly Stem. The Goat is in Six Harmony combination with the Horse in the Yearly Earthly Branch. This situation helps to deactivate any Wood energy hidden in the Goat which might otherwise strengthen the Yang Wood Rob Wealth in the year Stem, and it keeps Chávez feeble Self. The Goat is preventing conflict between Fire and Metal in his chart because it sits between Cardinals. Both of those energies are favorable to him, as well as Yang Earth.


The Horse is his very powerful Scholar star.


Due to his favorable Metal energy, specifically 7 Killings, he started a military career in the Rooster Luck Cycle.  Chavez is a natural leader.

He became dissatisfied with the Venezuelan political system and attempted to overthrow the regime when he led his party in a failed 1992 coup d'état against the Democratic Action government of President C.A.Perez. This was a Yang Water Monkey year in unfavorable Yin Wood Pig cycle . It was a wet year which provided moisture to his Yin Wood self and his Rob Wealth in the Year Stem as well as the additional rival from the Luck Cycle, resulting
in his loss and subsequent imprisonment.


He continued his fight against the current political regime with his founded social democratic party, the Fifth Republic Movement, during unfavorable Pig Luck Cycle. As soon as exited the unfavorable Pig cycle in 1998, Chavez became a president of Venezuela. 1998 was a favorable Yang Earth Tiger year.


He is currently in Yin Fire Luck Cycle in Yin Metal Ox Luck Pillar.



Henrique Capriles Radonski

Born on 11th July 1972


capriles nc

 Luck Cycles

capriles lc


Capriles is Yin Water Self born in the month of Yin Fire Goat. The Goat is forms a half Three harmony combination with the Rabbit, found in the Day Branch. Yang Water in the Year Stem combines with the Yin Fire in the Month Stem while attempting to transform into Wood. It receives support  from the Rat in the Year Branch. His Yin Water Self is born out of season, but the Rat provides enough support for the chart to follow Wood and Fire. Earth, especially Yang Earth, is also favorable.


He is an ambitious, competitive and career oriented person due to the Self element sitting on Rabbit (intelligence), Yin Fire (wealth) right next to him and Rat (competitors).

Capriles studied law at the Universidas Catolica Andres Bello and became a specialist in commerce law in 1994, favorable Yang Wood Dog year. He also studied tax law at the Central University of Venezuela, and took courses at the IBFD International Tax Academy in Armsterdam, the Centro Interamericano de Administradores Tributarios in Viterbo, Italy, and Columbia University in New York. (Resource: www.wikipedia.org).


The Rabbit in his Natal Chart is his very powerful Scholar Star as well as his Guardian.


In 1998, favorable Yang Earth Tiger year, Capriles got elected to the Chamber Of Deputies of Venezuela, and became the youngest member of the Venezuelan parliament ever elected. In 2002 Both Yang Water and Horse of 2002 were fighting to combine with his Natal chart, which caused him being charged for a fraud, and went to jail in 2004, Yang Wood Monkey year. However, upon his release that year, he got re-elected. Capriles was eventually cleared of all charges in 2007 , favorable Yin Fire Pig year, under Chavez's amnesty.


In 2008 , Yang Earth Rat year in Dog cycle, Capriles became a Governor of Miranda state. The Yang Earth combined with his Self Yin Water while supported by the Dog Luck Cycle.


Capriles is currently at the beginning of the Yin Metal Cycle in Yin Metal Pig Luck Pillar.


The election date is set for 7th October 2012 (poll booths close at 6 pm.)


venezuelan election day 2012


The day is Yin Metal Ox in Yin Earth Rooster month in Yang Water Dragon Year. It is overwhelmingly Metal energy day. In the Branches, the extremely powerful Metal cardinal Rooster, is surrounded by a lot of wet earth. Most elements of the day are strengthening the Day Master Yin Metal.


President Chavez's favorable element is Metal. He is currently in favorable Yin Fire Ox Cycle . Ox will strengthen the Rooster, in his Day Branch, through a half Three Harmony combination.


Capriles does not have Metal as his favorable element. He just entered the Yin Metal Luck Cycle. He is still 3 years away from, for him, extremely favorable Pig cycle.


Based on the Four Pillars of the Day and Four Pillars of Destiny of both candidates in the Venezuelan Presidential election on 7th of October 2012, the day appears to be more favorable for the current president Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías to win the election.




Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías won the 2012 Venezuelan Presidential Election


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