Jaroslav Kulhavy - Destiny Analysis

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Jaroslav Kulhavy is a Czech mountain biker. 2012 London Olympics Gold medal winner in the Cross-country event.

Jaroslav Kulhavy


Author: Andrea Stoltenberg

Published : 12h September  2012

Born on January 8, 1985

Birth Chart


jaroslav kulhavy birth chart graf 

Luck Cycles


jaroslav kulhavy lc graf 

He is a Yin Fire self born in the month of Rat. His chart contains another Rat in the Year Branch as well as the Goat in the Day Stem. Other elements in his chart are Yang Fire in the month stem and  the Yang Wood in the Year stem. Unfortunately we do not have the hour of birth available to us.


The charts focus is on the Seven Killings in form of two rats, water cardinals. The energies of the Power elements  can be harnessed with the use of the Yin wood in the Goat and the Yang Wood in the stems. In this case he utilizes the properties of " Resources dispersing Sha" chart and receives additional benefits when more wood comes. The Rob wealth god (Yang Fire) in the Month  Stem causes rivalry issues at times so in the ideal situation he would like it to be transformed into water by the combination with a Yin Metal.


From this analysis the ideal situation for him to succeed would be if Yin Metal Rabbit year or luck cycle showed up. So how lucky for him that 2011 was exactly that year. The Yang Fire combined with Yin Metal to transform into Water and the Rabbit combined with the Goat and added a very strong wood energy. With no competitors in his sight that year, Jaroslav won  the World MTB Cross Country in Champery, Switzerland; 1th place at World Cup (overall ranking) and became a European Champion.


Interesting fact to add is that the Rabbit is the Void star which when combined with the Goat in his chart, the wood energies become very strong.


Going forward to this year, the London Olympics in 2012 became a major focus for him. The race he wanted to win and was willing to sacrifice the whole season for.  2012 as a Yang Water Dragon year was still ideal. Yang water added discipline and determination while it combined with the Self element transforming him into the wood. The
 Dragon confirmed this transformation due to the combine with the rat. Again supporting the wood transformation.  Of course the luck cycle also needed to be supportive of such high level transformation within the Birth chart. Luckily the Tiger cycle contains yang wood as is in this circumstance favorable while it is not combining with any other animal in his chart.


The Cross-country race at the 2012 London Olympics on the 12th August was very difficult and incredibly close. It is not unusual for the winner to walk over the finish line with their bikes above their heads as a celebration and demonstration of their complete victory in the gruelling often 2 hour race. He won but this Olympic medal race he won by the tenth of a second! No carrying of his bike across the finish line in this race, only sweat and blood and seeing that he was stronger than his opponent in the last hundred metres.


Because it was an incredibly close race, the day and even the hour must have worked in his favor in some way.

12th August 2012 was a Yin wood  Snake day and the hour was Yin Water Goat which provided him with enough favourable Wood and Water energy to overcome his opponent in the final metres of the race.


It  would be beneficial  to add that his whole year was  carefully planned and totally geared towards the Olympic race. A quality of someone using resources as their favorable element. His patience and help from his team (all resources) has completely paid off in that race.  His special Day pillar also contributed to his fame and success.

Jaroslav Kulhavy

Four Pillars of Destiny explains his amazing 2012 Olympic victory and all his success

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