2012 Yang Water Dragon

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2012 Solar New Year started on 4th February 2012 and it's energetic influence will be felt until  3rd February 2013. 

Four Pillars of Destiny ( BaZi ) is one of the methods used for Yearly Chinese Astrology horoscope. BaZi  method uses the Chinese Lunar calendar to convert a Gregorian date into the 5 elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire and Yin and Yang polarities. Cosmic energies are represented by the 5 Elements and Yin and Yang and by the 12 Chinese zodiac animals – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and the Pig.


For Feng Shui calculations, the Solar New Year is the start of the year. Unlike the Chinese Lunar New Year, the Solar New Year begins on February 4th or 5th every year.


Four Pillars of Destiny (BaZi) chart for 2012:


2012 chart for horoscope



This year's pillar is represented by Yang Water sitting on top of the Dragon.


This horoscope concentrates on the interaction between the Yang Water and the Dragon
for the general view of the cosmic influences for 2012.

For individuals, the yearly assessments is done based on the influence of the
cosmic energies of the 2012 Year pillar of Yang Water Dragon on individual's
personal BaZi (Four Pillars of Destiny) Birth Chart as well as the Luck cycle they are currently in.


2012 – Year of Yang Water Dragon:


2012 is dominated by Water element. Yang Water is the Heavenly energy while the Dragon is considered an Earth animal however Dragon has hidden elements. The hidden Stems are Yang Earth, Yin Water and Yin Wood which make it a very flexible animal of the Zodiac. The hidden Yin water within the Dragon is supporting the Yang Water thus making the year 2012 predominantly favoring the Water energy. There are times when the hidden Yang Earth energy does contribute to the incoming Earth energy from a particular month or a day, even an hour so the earth energy is felt.


Having outlined the leading energies for this year gives us indications which industries and careers and influences will be prominent in 2012.


Water is a forever changing phenomenon. It can turn into any shape but can only hold its shape if contained. Change and uncertainty is associated with it but also opportunities for the ones who can define its shape.


Water represents wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and intuition. Going with the flow of 2012 means overcoming obstacles with determination, flexibility and creativity, but also with integrity.




Water represents shipping, transport, communication, beverage, spa retreats, diplomatic services, logistics, commercial and rental properties, education, seafood, trading export/import, news etc.


From the 5 Element theory of Feng Shui, water can be prosperous if metal is supporting it. The Water industries mentioned above will do well this year if supported by metal sector but unfortunately the metal sector is not strong and not stable due to weak Earth. Metal industries are finance, banking, IT , resource sector, commerce, law, skin care, car manufacturing, welding, dentistry, education, jewelry..


Going further with the 5 Element theory of the support cycle, the water supports wood thus
making Wood industries profitable in the Water year. Wood industries are represented by Traditional Chinese medicine, construction, textiles, publishing, hair dressing, fashion,  army, environment/recycling, management, wooden furniture, arts etc


As mentioned above, the Earth influence is present this year in the Dragon but not supported by Fire, so quite weak to support the metal sector. Examples of the Earth industries are real estate, insurance, plastics, medical field, natural therapies, Feng Shui, pharmaceuticals, farming and agriculture.


Fire sector which is energy, IT, stock market, food, power, telecommunications, performing arts, beauty, psychology, air industry etc., will be supported by the wood sector.


It is important to recognize if CEO's of companies or business owners are benefiting from the Yearly energy and their Luck cycles, so they can consistently lead their companies to success in 2012.



People who have Rat, Monkey, Rooster ,or if the Tiger and Rabbit are together, in their Birth charts or Luck cycles, they will feel the friendship of these animals with the Dragon of 2012. The animal pairings can be positive if it enhances the flow of one's life however it can also be a negative one if the pairing impedes the cosmic flow.


Another possibility of changes in people's lives this year are when they have the Dog. Dragon and Dog do not particularly appreciate being together so some sort of change is eminent when they meet. What kind of impact the clash will have depends entirely on the person's chart.


An impact of a particular animal can mean changes in relationships. Dragon is not a Romance
Star, like for example Rabbit was in 2011, however when it affects the spouse palace, it is felt by the individual and their partner.


The Yang water influence can bring opportunities like promotion, respect, wealth, fame, recognition, business partners, friends, new interest, children when positive. Loss of friends or support, enemies, lawsuits, financial difficulties, etc if negative.


Career is greatly influenced by the yearly energies.




Ruling organ for this year is bladder. Kidneys and lymphatic system, ears and blood circulation also comes under the Water element.


For example, when excess alcohol is consumed during water year 2012, it can lead to issues with these organs however it can also lead to heart problems. Flu this year is another problem, while stomach and intestinal problems can also be prominent this year.


Everyone has a weak point in their health and yearly influences tend to highlight them. Organs or body parts get affected by a weakness in another organ so it is important to look after the body as whole. Preventative care is imperative.


Feng Shui:


2012 loshu grid


Each year Annual Flying Stars present their particular energies to different sectors. Some of them need to be minimized while some other ones need to be enhanced. Feng Shui
remedies aim to increase harmony and prosperity for people living or working in
those spaces. This is a general view while professional Feng Shui assessment will provide more specific recommendations.


In 2012 Annual Stars are visiting these sections :


Annual Star 2 is in the North sector which brings sickness, disease, health problems or
worse. To avoid this negative Earth energy affecting the your property, use 6 Chinese Metal coins tied up together with a red string or wind chimes in the North. Gourd is another remedy suitable for this sector. These remedies are especially important if your front door , bedroom or living room is in the North.


Annual Star 5 in the South East sector is another sickness star which is bringing health issues. The "Grand Duke" is also in this sector in 2012. An  inactivity is advised. However if that is not
possible , use of metal element like metal wind chimes or 6 Chinese coins, and white , silver colors and objects is recommended to disperse the energy. No construction or ground breaking should be undertaken in the SE sector of your home this year. Colors like red, orange , yellow and any fire and earth related objects should not be used as they increase the negative energy of the Yellow Star 5. Avoid facing the SE, but you can greatly benefit when having the SE behind your back when dealing with important matters.


Annual Star 4 in the East sector can be enhanced if one seeks to achieve in their studies, in exams, dealing with legal documents etc. Placing Wood and Water elements will help the wood energy of the 4 star,  like plants in black pots , 4 bamboo sticks etc.


Annual Star 1 in the South sector is an auspicious star which can be activated with metal and active water. It is also a Romance Star. However  the "Three Killings" is taking residence in this sector in 2012 so , similar to South sector from above, construction, renovations and ground breaking is not recommended.


Annual Star 8 in the West sector is one of the very lucky stars and brings wealth and good fortune. To activate this sector, the use of light, like candles or colored lamps, will allow this very auspicious star to bring prosperity.  It is considered very lucky to have a front door in this sector this year.


Annual Star 9 in the North East sector is a positive one this year. Use of flowers and Fire related objects even crystals, will help to activate it.


Annual Star 7 in the North West sector is not prosperous and will mostly affect health. Less
activity in this sector is recommended.


Annual Star 3 in the SW sector is not an auspicious star and can cause arguments and misfortunes even robbery thus enhancing security and avoiding this sector for important matters is advised.


Annual Star 6 is in the Centre and its influence is less pronounced this year. However it is an auspicious star and helps with career, especially in military, wealth and health.




Full Birth chart assessment , Four Pillars of Destiny reading, is necessary to know the full impact of 2012 on ones' career, potential, relationships, family, health, luck and more.


The assessment of 2012 can be broken down to overall issues for a person but also what each month and  even a day will bring for an individual based on their full BaZi chart.


With the knowledge of personal strengths, weaknesses and timelines from the knowledge of
personal BaZi chart, one can take advantage of the good years, months or days
to advance in life but also go with the flow and prepare and react the best way when a challenging year, month, day happens to come. Dates for important events can also be chosen or which ones are best to be avoided.


Improving Feng Shui of your home, and possibly working environment, at the same time will help further in having smoother, happier and more productive journey through
this year.


I wish you a very prosperous year!




Andrea Stoltenberg

Andrea Stoltenberg
2012 Yang Water Dragon Year
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